Timber Creek Florida Bourbon

Timber Creek Florida Bourbon


Timber Creek Florida Bourbon

We were covering the Beer, Bourbon, BBQ festival in Tampa, Florida when the sky opened up and rain fell heavy. The entire festival scattered like ants seeking shelter in the closest available tent. We happened into the spot where they were serving up Timber Creek. We were happily given the opportunity to sample it, and they were kind enough to give us a bottle of their Florida Unfiltered Bourbon for review. We learned a bit about them, like that they are newer to the whiskey scene (May 2014), and that they started in one of their parents’ back yards. That’s the kind of story we love here at Whiskey Culture. A real do-it yourself, down-and-dirty, boot-straps story. Needless to say, we’re rather excited to review our plunder.

Spirit Info:

  • Distillery: Timber Creek Distillery
  • Spirit: Florida Unfiltered Bourbon Whiskey
  • Aged: Unstated
  • Proof: 100
  • Purchase Price: $47.99

Nose: You get a nice combination of dried dates and cherries alongside the oak and molasses in the nose. I love that slightly sweet fruit scent in my bourbon. I was surprised by the lack of a sweet corn scent in a bourbon with no age statement.

Palate: While absent from the scent, the sweetcorn is strong in the palate. Unexpected, but it really is highlighted in the pour. Unlike many younger bourbons that try to hide it, this one embraces it backed by notes of earthy oak and raisins.

Body: The flavor comes in bold and doesn’t quickly fade. The thing is, it isn’t quite as hot as I’d have expected from a bourbon at 100 proof.

Afterglow: The afterglow has nice notes of caramel and that charred molasses with undertones of oak.

Conclusion: I was rather impressed with this bourbon. You never know what to expect from a new bottle, but I have to say we were rather surprised with the way this bourbon was handled. If you’re going to make a young bourbon, do it like these guys, highlight the flavors that make bourbon, well, bourbon. They embraced their ingredients, highlighted them, and weren’t afraid to proudly bottle their product knowing exactly what it was. They don’t try to mask it or trick you with overpowering flavors. For the price, if you like young bourbons, this one is hard to beat.

Grade: A

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  1. I’m a bourbon girl at heart and live in the sunshine state. This bourbon along with Timber Creek’s whole line is a diamond in the rough. At 100 proof I was shocked how smooth it actually was. I would take Timber Creek over St. Augustine bourbon any day of the week!!!

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